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What currency are your prices in?

All prices on my website are set in USD.

Do you do international shipping?

Yes I do!

My website provides shipping rates to the countries listed on this page.

What if I'm not located in these countries?

I would love to ship to wherever you are!

For info on how to make a shipping request, please read my purchasing guide under 'Special Shipping Requests'.

What methods of payment do you accept?

All payments can be made through VISA & Mastercard via Stripe (5% transaction charge) or Paypal (9% transaction charge).

I have some more questions about shipping!

Head over to my Shipping Policy page to get more info on things like shipping rates and delivery.


Are all these designs yours?

YES! I take great care in testing and experimenting to come up with my own original designs. 

These designs take days (if not weeks!) of effort to test out and finalise what feels 'right' for me to put out into the world. Everything on my website is my intellectual property ♡ By supporting me, you are supporting my merits and labour as an original artist and a small shop owner - and for that I appreciate you.

Why are your prices the way they are?

Let me put it this way. By supporting me and my prices, you support:

  1. The original ideas behind my pieces. Ideas which were visualised, trialed, tested, failed, improved upon and blossomed on the final iteration of a piece. Ideas do not form and finish over night. Some ideas in my shop have taken months in the making. To delve deeper, my ideas were brought to reality by my own life experience of self-taught knowledge, my design degree, my hobbies and interests - a value which is priceless.
  2. The actualisation of my work. Every aspect of running a small shop is undertaken by me. From making the jewelry, to planning collections and photographing, marketing, uploading and editing, social media and customer handling, website maintenance - the list goes on. 
  3. Fair wages for the hours accrued in making every piece individually. Handmade art is laborious. My creations are woven by a labour of love and many long nights.
  4. Slow fashion. All Kalbu pieces are made on-demand.
  5. A small artist's value. Supporting my prices means supporting my livelihood!

Why are they all made-to-order? Do you make readystock items?

Beading is a slow-made and intricate process resulting in small, delicate, and detailed work. Preorder slots helps me reduce waste and unsold stock. 

I do make readystock from time to time! These will consist of mostly experimental one-off designs. They'll be categorised under my little creative void: kalbu kosmos. Keep a lookout :)

How long does it take to ship out my order?

As most of my items are made-to-order, it'll take 5-8 weeks to ship out your parcel - depending on the volume of orders my shop is experiencing, the size of your order, and the intricacy of the pieces in your purchase. 

For this reason I highly advise that you place orders only if you are not rushed for it and are willing to wait the lead + delivery time.

Please understand that Kalbu is a one-woman business of a 100% handmade nature. Your items will take time to make, but I hope the love and care put into your new pieces will make the wait worth it.

Are all your designs permanent?

No, I will be archiving certain designs over time.

What comes with my purchase?

I love to draw so I also make small printed cards for my shop.

Every purchase comes with a little Kalbu thank you card and a handmade bookmark. Purchases above USD130 come with a printed set of A7 cards of Kalbu characters and an embroidered flower pin/badge handmade by my mom ❤️️ 

I'm purchasing as a gift to someone, how do I put in a message?

Under the 'Remarks' box at checkout, please put in the message you'd like me to write on the card. (Please keep it at maximum 3-4 short sentences.)

Do you do customs?

At the moment I am currently not accepting full custom requests.

Do you accept returns/refunds?

No - please refer to my Return Policy to know more.


What is your jewellery made of?

Glass seed beads in many, many colours; and gold-plated/filled/PVD-coated jewellery findings. Some are in 14k gold and some are in 18k gold.

Are these hypoallergenic?

Yes, gold-plated/filled/PVD-coated jewellery are hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant and fairly long-lasting if you treat them with care.

Anything I should know about caring for my new pieces?

Avoid water, please don't shower with your jewellery on. 

Please don't swim with them on. Avoid harsh chemicals!

When storing your beaded jewellery in general, it's best to keep them out of direct sunlight and in a dry area.

They're glass seed beads - do they break easily?

Not at all! These beads are 1.8mm individually - they are TINY. When they're woven together tightly they're very strong. I have never had a piece break on me despite dropping them many times (please take care of your beaded babies though!) <3

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