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RM 70.00
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Beaded lemons 🍋💦💦 

Comes in yellow and blue!

These have the options of being made with 14k gold-plated hooks, OR 18k gold PVD-coated 12mm hoops.


  • All earrings listed under the 'Earrings' category are made to order by one person (me)!
  • If the item is sold out, please check back again in a week - slots will be restocked from time to time as I complete orders.
  • It takes up to 25 working days to complete an order depending on the volume of orders my shop is experiencing.
  • Delivery takes an additional 1-14 working days depending on your area. Kindly expect delay in delivery during the global Covid-19 pandemic.
  • This item does not accept custom colours. 
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