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Argent Amber

RM 189.00
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Argent Amber is a piece that features a silvery pendant meant to resemble a bug creature 'preserved' in amber. 

Birthdays make me think about growing older, yet we carry past & previous versions of ourselves with us throughout the years. We are all walking fossils & an accumulation of years of history; old and young and all the memories in between.

This is a memorial piece dedicated to past & previous versions of myself, as a thank you for allowing me to become who I am today.

This neckace is made up of a handwoven silver butterfly-esque beaded pendant connected to a rhodium chain, interlinked with silver-lined glass seed bead chains.

Length: 13.7" (35cm) or 15.4" (39cm) + 8cm extender chain


  • This piece is available for pre-order. All pieces from the 'BDAY' collection will take 5-6 weeks to ship out as these designs are more complex/intricate and require time to complete.
  • If your order consists of more than one item from the 'BDAY' collection, an additional 1-2 weeks may be required for fulfilment.
  • All necklaces listed under the 'Necklaces' category are made to order by one person (me)!
  • If the item is sold out, please check back again in a week - slots will be restocked from time to time as I complete orders.
  • Delivery takes an additional 1-14 working days depending on your area. Kindly expect delay in delivery during the global Covid-19 pandemic.
  • This item does not accept custom colours. 
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